Contact Us


Krissy Taylor

Social Secretary
Krissy Taylor      07976 929667 (No later than 9pm please)




Kelly Dann

Kelly Dann handles all club membership and registration tasks plus race entries          07887 797185 (No later than 9pm please)





Jonathan Bevan is a committee member of CMMC, and Super Saloons coordinator


Michael Knowles is Southern TinTops (Production Saloons) coordinator             07900 193028


Peter French is Technical Officer

Rod Birley


Rod Birley is a committee member of CMMC HQ, helping on CMMC Southern matters                                  07885 595039


Richard Culverhouse


Richard Culverhouse is the Chairman of the Classic & Modern Motorsport Club (HQ) including Southern                          07785 547176




Sandra Angell organises race-day and year-end trophies and other awards

Grant Woolway is a photographer, Facebook administrator and webmaster.


Alex Baldwin


Alex Baldwin is social media coordinator and produces the fantastic videos. Please get your in-car or trackside videos to Alex on the day of the meeting by USB stick in one of their grubby paws or by WeTransfer to Alex. Please also send them action photos of your car to help attract other drivers to our social media and to race with us in the future. Videos can be found at the following link CMMCS YouTube