Race With Us

Looking for a fun low cost category in the southeast?

The Classic and Modern Motorsport Club has three series under their Southern banner, Super Saloons, TinTops and Intermarque Silhouettes.  The series have been based at Brands Hatch so they suit drivers living in the London area and south east, but we are now venturing occasionally to Snetterton, Lydden Hill, Silverstone  and Mallory Park. Don’t miss the description of each of the series on our home page www.cmmcs.co.uk/

Lots of classes, lots of trophies, lots of cars the same speed as you to play with. Arrive and drive Tin Tops available. If you would like to contact us for more information on one of the three series, please select the most relevant buddy in the club from www.cmmcs.co.uk/contact-us/

We welcome rookie drivers… many have found that the wide range of cars and speeds in each class and each series means you very quickly have someone to race with. Our new drivers have typically come up to speed within a few meetings and have gone on to progress up the ranks. Regular trophies from the club remind you how well you’re doing. Want to be a racing driver? Check out our beginner’s guide.

LIVE VIDEO. Take a look at Kamran Tunio’s in-car camera, racing with us round the Brand Hatch GP circuit. Smashing battle with Mikey day in the yellow and black Saxo until he comes off at about 3 minutes. Click here for the video.




We are very active on Facebook and you can post freely as well as see other people’s videos and comments. 

And please make this web site one of your favourites:

One of Christopher Bicknell’s characterful race videos including in-car footage and around the paddock
Here’s another from Christopher if you’d like an introduction to our Production Saloons (or TinTops) series.
This video from Alex Baldwin (who works for Formula 1 Videos) shows his first ever motor race, in one of our Citroen Saxo TinTops, and how he and his co-driver Christopher Bicknell came away with a trophy. Good start! Click on the image to view the video.