Drivers for commentators – TinTops

This page is designed to make it easy for commentators (and spectators for that matter) to access details and images on a driver in advance of one of our races and during. What car is Jimmy Miggins driving, what number is it, who is he? Each will be linked to further info on the driver, either a post (example Warren Johnson) or a fact sheet (example; Ian James Seale).

Please give us feedback on how we can optimise it for you. Our thanks to Dan Wright  and Mark Werrell (who was kind enough to say to Rod that our website is one of the better ones and is extremely useful).

Ken Angell #37 BMW E36 2783cc
Graham Bahr #146 BMW E30 2800cc
Alex Baldwin black Honda Civic
Andy Banham #54 Renault Clio
Jonathan Bevan #4 Honda DC5 Integra 2000cc
Marcus Bicknell #76 Citroen Saxo VTS 16-valve 1587cc
Christopher Bicknell #77 Citroen Saxo VTR 1587cc
Rod Birley #44 Honda Integra 1998cc
Chris Burley #32 Ford Fiesta XR2 1597cc
Dave Charlton #198 Seat Leon 1998cc
Mark Cripps #11 BMW E30 2500cc
Kelly Dann #34 VW Polo 1781cc
Steve Dann #134 VW Polo 1781cc
Steve Everson #78 Citroen Saxo VTR 1587cc
Todd Garner #62 Ford Fiesta ST 1999cc
Harry Hardy #191 Ford Puma
Vic Hope #5 Honda Civic Type R 2000cc
Dave Hutchins #49 Honda Civic Type R 1998cc
Warren Johnson #12 1985 Peugeot 205GTI
Mark Kimber #156 Ford Fiesta ST 1993cc
Bradley Lane #10 Honda Civic Type R1998cc
Nicholas Lunn #46 Honda Integra Type R DC2 1798cc
Adrian Matthews #64 Ford Puma 1596cc
Wayne McGuire #883 BMW 325 E46 Compact 2500cc
Robert Methold #66 BMW Mini
Jamie Primett #08 Honda Civic 1797cc
Graham Richardson #87 Honda Civic Type R Ep3 2136cc
Ian James Seale #7 Fiesta 150 ST
Gideon September #80 Fiesta st 150 2000cc
Tony Skelton #17 Renault Megane 1997cc
Rikki Taylor #51 Ford Fiesta ST150 2000cc
Kam Tunio #55 Honda Civic 1600cc
Terry Waller #6 Ford Fiesta ST150 1998cc
John Wild #69 Ford Fiesta