Covid-19 lockdown eases…

At present all our listed events are going ahead as scheduled (see Where possible we have asked that our races are just over one day, especially until the end of June.
The current situation is that initially spectators will not be allowed to attend meetings in large numbers until May 17th. Also hotels and bed/breakfast places will be closed until the same date, although you can stay in your own vehicle provided it is only with your own family.
With regard to testing: It has been brought to the attention of Motorsport UK that holders of competition Licences (entrants and drivers) are participating in testing at a variety of UK venues and that in some instances there may be a reliance on the holding of a current Motorsport UK Licence in order to claim Elite status. Motorsport UK therefore reminds Licence Holders of the following:
· The UK is essentially in national lockdown. National restrictions, regulations and guidance apply including those of the devolved nations
· Restrictions are in force throughout the UK and stipulate that travel outside your local area is not permitted except for an exempt purpose
· Your Motorsport UK Licence is not proof or evidence of elite status for the purpose of an exemption
· It is the Licence Holder’s own obligation to be aware of and respect the applicable restrictions and central and local government guidance, regulations and law in force.
CMMCS Race Schedule 2021 - Classic & Modern Motorsport Club Southern

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