CMMCS race entry fee discount scheme

Classic and Modern Motorsport Club Southern is pleased to announce their scheme which reduces the entry fee to drivers when there are big grids… the more drivers entering, the lower the price. Here’s how it works…

1) Enter the race in the normal way and pay the full entry fee in advance of the latest date for entries.
2) For each individual race event, CMMC Southern will announce in advance the final entry fee depending on the number of cars actually participating.
3)  The amount of discount can either be taken off a future entry, or amounts outstanding will be re-paid at the end of the season.
4) Drivers pay the fee as per the entry form then when the meeting commences CMMCS records how many starters each grid has and the discount is communicated to each driver out. This takes into account any refunds following withdrawals. As normal, drivers must be fully paid-up registered members (club membership and series registration fee paid) to enter a race and to get the discount.

Here are the applicable entry fees for our first meeting at Lydden Hill on 24th April:

  • up to 12 drivers participating; £290 (the fee payable in advance)
    13 to 15 drivers; £280
    16 to 18 drivers; £270
    19 to 20 drivers; £265
    21 to 22 drivers; £260
    23 to 24 drivers; £250.

To give any example, if 18 Intermarque Silhouettes turn up then they get £20 discount each (provided they are fully paid up members). This can be taken off their next meeting.


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