We always get a good crop of videos of the races from in-car cameras (which almost every race car carries now) and magazine type videos, news and interviews from round the paddock. Here are some on this page below. Even better, click on the link immediately below… here you can also browse and view about 50 videos in the last couple of years. Click on each to see which you prefer or which works best in your PC, pad or phone.


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Lydden Hill, Saturday 24th April 2021… Three great commentated compilations by Alex Baldwin who races with us but who is also a professional video editor with Formula 1.

Super Saloons:

Intermarque Silhouettes:

Tin Tops:

BMW E36 S54 powered M3 driven by Paul Watson on Sunday 27th September 2020 at Brands Hatch Indy race 2 with the CMMCS. Courtesy of Paul Watson

LIVE VIDEO. Take a look at Kamran Tunio’s in-car camera, racing with us round the Brand Hatch GP circuit. Smashing battle with Mikey day in the yellow and black Saxo until he comes off at about 3 minutes. Click here for the video.

One of Christopher Bicknell’s characterful race videos including in-car footage and around the paddock.

Here’s another from Christopher if you’d like an introduction to our Production Saloons (or TinTops) series.

This video from Alex Baldwin (who works for Formula 1 Videos) shows his first ever motor race, in one of our Citroen Saxo TinTops, and how he and his co-driver Christopher Bicknell came away with a trophy. Good start! Click on the image to view the video.