1st Lap video of Brands GP

What a weekend !On the same bill as the British GT & F3 meeting the CMMC series put out a fantastic grid and a great show !!!I’d never driven the GP circuit and qualified 3rd in the production saloons.By the middle of the first lap I was leading my class and was actually fighting the modified cars!! After 2 laps we were driving away and well clear of all the production saloons.At that point it all went wrong 🤬. Hit from behind by a car that was in the invitational class I was pushed off. I watched most of the grid drive by, This led to a recovery drive which eventually had me back into the mid pack again with the fastest class lap posted.Race 2 was a fight back, after destroying the brakes in race 1 with the little Honda did well to get to third in the Production saloon class. I finished the race with pins and needles in my hands due to the vibrations.The Terry Radbourne Bourne Race Engine was fantastic and got better as he played with the map over the weekend.Car came back in one piece which is the important thing and everyone enjoyed the weekend.Big thank you to Paul Karen Bancroft,Roy, Terry and Dad for the help over the weekend…

Posted by Bevan Imp on Monday, 5 August 2019

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