The Classic and Modern Anglo-American Thoroughbred Challenge: 17 July 2022, Silverstone National

Richard Culverhouse and Classic & Modern Motorsport invite you race in this exceptional event alongside spectacular racing from Aston Martins, Mighty Minis, Track Attack, 50s/60s cars and the Modern Challenge.

The Anglo-American Thoroughbred Challenge has been popular since it started in started in the 90s and attracts race cars like those terrific British beasts like Sunbeam Tiger and Alpine, MGB GT, Marcos, Lotus, Triumph, Scimitar, all TVR variants, Jaguar and Aston Martin, then the American muscle cars like Chevy, Mustang, Ford Galaxy, Ford GT40, Dodge, Mercury, Cuda, Chrysler, Cobra variants, NASCAR, Australian V8 Supercars, pick-ups and all stock car variants based originally on a road-going car. Excluded; Caterham/Lotus 7s, open wheel cars, sports racing cars, Le Mans type cars. To establish eligibility please email Richard at

  • Classic silver trophy for the champion over the two races. Prizes for class winners. Entry form and regs from
  • Any member of an MS UK club may enter the races without further registration fee.
  • Regulations: car silhouette and body based originally on a road-going car; slick tyres and wings allowed in class F; car must be valid for an MS UK race championship or series in 2022; owner or driver must be registered with that club in 2022. Classes as follows:
  1. A) under 2-litre production chassis
  2. B) under 2-litre space-frame
  3. C) over 2-litre 4-speed H-pattern, natural aspiration, production chassis
  4. D) over 2-litre 4-speed H-pattern, natural aspiration, space-frame chassis
  5. E) over 2-litre sequential gearbox and/or super/turbocharged, any chassis.
  6. F) any car with slick tyres or wing (an aero device which air flows over and under). Splitters and spoilers permitted if accepted in the series for which the car is valid in 2022.

Displays and demonstration laps for V8s like NASCARs. Richard is keen to hear from organising clubs who can attract cars to the event.

Our A4 flyer with this information in pdf can be downloaded here

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