Technical regs: brake lights and other obligatory equipment

More than one driver has recently asked about equipment needed on their race car to be eligible under the Motorsport UK regs. Here are some excerpts form the regs to help you…

Brake light. Rear facing red light(s) each of 750 sq mm minimum surface area equipped with a 21W bulb or of equal luminosity directly operated without delay by application of the vehicle brakes.
In addition to complying with Section J and the appropriate Formula Regulations where applicable, all vehicles competing in Races must…
19.11.3. With the exception of Racing Cars, Clubmans Cars, 750 Formula, Legends Cars and Period A to E, all vehicles must be equipped with a pair of brake lights equally disposed about the vehicle centre line, on the same horizontal plane with aminimum of 300mm between them and which are directly operated by the braking system without any time delay.

5.14.3. With the exception of racing cars be equipped with battery, generator, self-starter, side, tail, and brake lights. All this equipment to be in normal working order. Exceptionally when taking part in an event held totally off the public highway, need not comply with DfT Statutory Requirements regarding lighting or horn.

19.15.1. Be fitted with at least one mirror of minimum surface area securely mounted and positioned to give a clear view to the rear. The edges of mirrors must be protectedby a suitable cover to reduce the possibility of injury in the event of an accident.

19.15.3. If a closed car or an open car required to run as ‘road going’ with a windscreen, have an operative windscreen wiper

Various types of car covered by the MUK regs include: Single Seater Racing Car, Sports Car, Sports Racing Cars, Specialist Production Car, Saloon Car same as Touring Car, Grand Touring Car (GT), Kit Cars, Production Kit Car, Series Production Car, Specialist Production Car.   “Racing Car” means Single-Seater Racing Car or Sports Racing Car. All definitions are in “(B) Nomenclature and Definitions” starting on page 52 of the MUK Blue Book. Link below.

Paragraph 5 of the MUK blue book is very useful.


You should also consult our series regs to see if there is anything you have forgotten

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