Policy Statement from CMMCS: COVID-19 epidemic

Policy Statement from CMMCS in relation to the COVID-19 epidemic

Released 20h Monday 16th March 2020

Based on the UK situation and in line with government and Motorsport UK advice, the Classic & Modern Motorports Club Southern (CMMCS) would like to reassure competitors and volunteers that the Club’s 2020 calendar of events is currently set to continue as per schedule.

The club has paid deposits for its immediate meetings and some important ones later in the year and has no intention of pre-emptively postpoing or cancelling any; such action would only be triggered by mandatory instructions from the UK Government. CMMCS’s financial position enables us to weather the initial lack of income and activity.

However, we would encourage all racing members to enter and pay for the events they intend to do, certainly Silverstone on April 19th. In the instance that any race meeting should be cancelled due to Government or Motorsport UK instruction, then the Club would ensure that every effort is made to reschedule races. Should this not be possible, then the Club would ensure that fees may be transferred to an alternative event and/or reimbursed. It is not our intention that the drivers pick up the shortfall.

Although the CMMCS race season does not commence until 19th April, we will continue to monitor and adapt to the UK situation as necessary.

Motorsport UK has issued a statement including a list of precautions that should be adhered to at circuits – please read the list carefully at the link below in advance of all events. We would advise particpants in any other event such as a track day, over the next few months, to utilise the full expanse of paddock space, leaving gaps rather than parking in tight groups, washing your hands frequently, using anti-bacterial gel or wipes, not sneezing or coughing near others and not shaking hands.

Should you be showing any symptoms then you must not attend any trackday or similar event.


CMMCS looks forward to the season as and when conditions permit and we wish you all good health in the meantime.


Posted by Marcus for the CMMCS team

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