June 5-6, Brands Hatch, Intermarque Silhouettes.,.. big grid

Just a week to our next race meet, June 5-6 at Brands Hatch for the Intermarque Silhouettes. Couple of dozen cracking race cars… look at this!

5 Ray Harris Ginetta G40r
6 Ian Hales Vauxhall Tigra
14 Philip Spinks Vauxhall Tigra
16 Steve Burrows Vauxhall Tigra
21 Philip Young Mitsubishi Colt
33 Daniel Smith Mercedes Slk
83 Scott Aprigliano SHP 206
91 Malcolm Blackman Vauxhall Tigra
129 Ricky Hunn Mazda RX8
156 Pat Kiely Vauxhall Tigra
196 Dave York Vauxhall Tigra
267 Jon Price Vauxhall Tigra
339 Daniel Hunn Mazda RX8
354 Mark Sear Vauxhall Tigra
490 Danny Smith Vauxhall Tigra
491 Colin Smith Vauxhall Tigra
629 Tom Hutchins Mazda RX8
3 Paul Knight Vauxhall Tigra
4 Richard Smith Mercedes Slk
12 Simon Smith Ford Autoxross Fiesta ST
28 Chris Ayling Vauxhall Tigra
29 Mike Thurley Ginetta G40
52 Mick Robertson VW Corrado
81 Paul Cocksedge Peugeot 205
175 John Steward Mercedes Slk
262 Brian Loram Vauxhall Tigra

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