The CMMCS 2018 awards night. The results.

The 2018 awards night was held on January 26th (2019) and thanks to Danny Brooker, who made his rugby clubhouse available, a superb night was had by everyone who attended. Over 100 drivers, mechanics, supporters and friends enjoyed the first class food and entertainment. Richard Culverhouse opened proceedings and pointed out that the CMMC Southern is a members club, whose aim is to bring back the fun element of true club racing. He emphasised that the drivers who support this venture will benefit as the seasons go on. As a result of the recent drivers’ survey a balanced calendar of events has been produced for this year, which will hopefully result in good turnouts. The club will listen to any ideas put forward constructively.

The attention then moved to the 2018 Award winners.

Even though our former club withdrew its support for the evening, we all felt it was important to honour last year’s winners. With the assistance of Cannons Motor Spares and Best Promotions we started with the Tin tops championship.

Class TP winner GIDEON SEPTEMBER (trophy and socket set)

Class T2 runner up GEORGE EZRA alias BRADLEY LANE (trophy)

Class T2 winner, with 100% reliability finishing every race JAMIE PRIMETT (trophy and socket set)

Class T1 third BOB HOSIER (trophy)

Class T1 winner ALFIE BROOKER (trophy and socket set)

Class T3 third, the ever smiling CHRIS BICKNELL (trophy)

Overall champion and class T3 winner, who wins the Nightingale Trophy, bottle of bubbly, socket set and a Cannons limited edition mug RICKY TAYLOR

Some special awards courtesy of Paul Cannon

The Cannon’s best prepared tin top for 2018 goes to class T3 Honda driver KAMRAN TUNIO

The best Tin Top entertainer for 2018 goes to a driver who not only raced his own car, but helped prepare and maintain at least two other cars and on top of that borrowed a car from another driver (and even had the cheek to win the race, thus beating the car owner), goes to STEVE EVERSON

Next up is the twosomes award, and there were several pairings in the running for this, but eventually it was decided in favour of Alfie and Danny Brooker

Finally for this section there was a special award courtesy of Jamie Primett. Many of you will have seen some excellent video footage on you tube this year from the Tin top championship. This has been filmed and produced by Neil Ashcroft. In recognition of this there was a trophy for Neil.

For the Modified saloons the following awards were presented.

Class D winner Steve Rothery (trophy)

Class B winner Martyn Scott (trophy)

Class A runner up, and winner of the Alan Phillips bottle of bubbly, Malcolm Wise (trophy)

Class A winner, and winner of the Sydney Allard trophy, Rod Birley (trophy)

Overall and class C champion Adrian Bradley (trophy, bottle of bubbly and 5 litres of Comma fully synthetic high performance oil).

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