Web site refresh

We have been refreshing the web site, in particular the menus, to make it easier to navigate. Members said they want to be able to find more easily the technical regulations, entry forms and race day updates like paddock plan and timetable. Have a look round the grey and red menu bars to see if we have improved navigation for you. Now is the time, over the year-end holidays for you to look around the site and make recommendations for any further changes. Email me on marcus@bicknell.com please.  Thanks in advance.

When we say “we”, who is that exactly? Five of us, as shown below, working for the committee members under Richard Culverhouse and CMMCS Southern colleagues:

Marcus Bicknell:                Media coordinator for CMMCS, assistant Webmaster, initial structure proposal, ongoing pages and post advisor, writer as required. Coordination of the efforts of the people mentioned here.

Christopher Bicknell:          Social Media Operations Manager and videos (concentrating on promo and retrospective videos etc). Social media advisor and contributor coordinating with Alex.

Alex Baldwin:                    Social Media Operations Manager and videos (quick response race incidents), video —> social media guru, social media advisor and contributor, coordinating with Christopher.

Krissy Taylor:                   Page and post contributor, can post directly to the website and Facebook when she chooses, writer of  advance race information, leader and moderator of the WhatsApp group

Giuseppe Minetti:               Webmaster, backend, initial structure, hosting contract

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