2022 Regulations

Fire extinguishers:  The rules for 2022 are changing. The 2.25AFFF system is no longer valid, instead you will need to use a system from FIA list 16 or 52. You cannot simply change the bottle, so you have to buy a kit complete with hose and nozzles. The new bottles have a specific number of nozzles, which must all be installed. CMMCS have spoken to Jason Minshaw at Demon Tweeks and he is happy to assist any of our members. Please also note that the extinguisher has to be serviced every two years and must now be carried out by the manufacturer or their approved agent, who will affix an FIA decal. Be aware that the Zero 360 gas system costs in excess of £200 to get serviced, whereas the Zero 2020 is usually around £70 or less.

Seat belts:  Motorsport UK have been looking at extending the “life” of some belts. If you have 8853-2016 approved then (provided they are in good condition with no excessive wear or tear) you can get an extra five years. However, this is only for use in the UK and will not be eligible if you race abroad. Again Jason Minshaw has advised that if any of our drivers need to purchase new seat belts, it is best to get them after mid-January when they will have the latest date stamp on them. Make sure you get a set which is FHR compatible

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