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Firstly, stickers. Both Ashstone MEP and Hoosier Tires have very kindly come on board this year. In the case of Ashstone MEP these are for the Tin Tops and Super Saloons, and you will be allocated two stickers each, which must go on either side of your car (drivers side and passenger side). In addition the super saloons also have the Caesar Electrical stickers, as they are sponsoring the driver of the day award. For the Tin Tops it is AFR media.

Hoosier Tire are providing tyres for the intermarque silhouettes at a special price. In return they ask that all the intermarque silhouettes run with two of their stickers. The committee have worked hard to get these sponsors and it is only fair that all drivers comply with regulation 5.17 in this respect.

Secondly, combined grids. We are aware that the situation at Castle Combe was not perfect. However, the club is always trying to get the best deal for our drivers. It becomes difficult when drivers leave it late to enter, as we are committed to track time several months in advance (and have to pay for it long before you enter). At Combe we had to negotiate for several days in order to make it financially viable. We were faced with possibly having to run a pair of races with just 8 cars and this would have resulted in a substantial financial loss. Fortunately we found a solution by combining with two other grids. This is never ideal, but the simple truth is that we now need at least 25 to 30 cars on each grid. At the longer circuits we need 40.

These thoughts are being echoed by other clubs, who find themselves in the same situation. The fact is that the cost of track time is the most critical factor for all clubs. We have a choice of either putting up entry fees substantially or combining grids. We feel the latter option is best for our drivers, as many of you are competing on relatively low budgets. You can help the club (in particular Kelly) by entering in good time. This helps us order trophies and gives the organising club some idea about how much paddock space we require.

We do value your support and as long as we can make the cost of competing viable, we will do the best we can. Remember that your club is run by volunteers, we do not pay a salary to anyone just their expenses.

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