Ian James Seale for 2021

Number 1 in our series of drivers with the CMMCS.

Ian James Seale will be racing with Colin Tester Racing – Supatune, again in 2021 in the TP class of the Production Saloons (Tin Tops) in one of Colin’s Fiesta 150 STs. He’ll be racing under number 7 again too. See our race dates at https://cmmcs.co.uk/cmmcs-race-schedule/
In his day-job, Ian is a bit of a superstar of the big and little screen, being an actor, presenter and voice-over artist for ads and commercial productions. http://www.ianseale.com/
We expect to book him for a cameo appearance in one of the videos which Alex Baldwin of F1 Videos will be making for us this year… announcement coming.

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