Alex Baldwin to CCMCS for 2021

No.2 in our series on CMMCS drivers

F1 Video guru to race with CMMCS …

  Alex Baldwin has announced his plans to contest the CMMCS 2021 season with his black Honda Civic. Alex made his race debut with Christopher Bicknell in the blue Saxo VTR “Miss Shelby” in 2019 and picked up silverware first time out. Alex will still be running a beginner’s cross at the start of this season.
Alex is Digital Media Video Editor at Formula 1 alongside being a freelance video creator, camera operator and video editor. He graduated UCA in 2019 with a First class honours degree in TV Production. So we are honoured to have him. He has also agreed to take on the role of Video Director and Coordinator for CMMCS, so expect to see some professional-looking videos in 2021. He is looking for material now for a pre-season promo, so if you have in-car or other footage please send key moments, especially multi-car action, please contact him at
For the official videos he edits for F1, get a big screen and a cup of coffee then have a browse at

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