Intermarque Silhouettes Tyre Test

A tyre test was carried out on Friday at Brands Hatch by Intermarque Silhouette drivers Colin Smith and Malcolm Blackman. The aim was to evaluate a replacement tyre, following the announcement that Avon Tyres are ceasing production later this year. The main criteria was that the new tyre must fit the rims our drivers currently use, it would not alter gear ratios, that the price would be similar and that the tyre would be durable.
Following today’s evaluation both drivers were pleased with the Hoosier tyre’s performance and its stability. Various pressures were tried and surface temperatures were regularly measured. Pete Rosenberg, who many will know from Waltham Services, was present as an independent observer and he took various readings.
Both drivers conducted 15 minute runs to simulate our usual race distances. Times were very comparable to those obtained using Avon Tyres.
On September 16th at Brands Hatch a representative from Hoosier Tyres will be at Brands Hatch (to answer questions), along with James from Waltham services.

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