Lights Camera Action

“Lights Camera Action”
Are your cameras ready for racing ????
Over recent years cameras installed in your race car have become an important tool for the clerk of the course to review yours and other people’s actions when racing with the CMMC.
A working camera is mandatory, and an important part of racing and needs to be installed correctly.
Cameras are no longer a high-cost issue and are available from online retailers at a relatively cheap cost.
Will be mandatory. A forward-facing video camera must be fitted for the purpose of improving safety.
  1.  It is the competitors’ responsibility alone to ensure the safe installation and effective operation of the camera equipment.
  2. The camera must be mounted on the roll cage in accordance with GR J5.21.3 and in a “central to left” position where the field of view should not be obscured by the rear-view mirror
  3. The camera must be fitted in accordance with GR5.21.5 and Scrutineer may insist on additional tethers being fitted
  4. The camera must be switched on and recording at all times that the competitor is on track and a “clean” memory car must be used at each meeting. It must be possible to play the footage on a laptop computer so “windows” format is preferable.
  5. Footage from the camera must be made available to the Clerk of the Course, Stewards and/or the club driving standards team upon request. It is their sole discretion to view camera footage or not.
  6. The club has the right to ask for the video footage to be made available to them for up to two weeks after any meeting
  7. In the event that no footage is available (other than due to a proven defect with the equipment, where the burden of proof will lie with the competitor) the following penalties will apply:
    1st offence – a written warning from the club
    2nd offence – a fine of £50 payable to the Marshals Fund
    3rd offence – referral to the Series Stewards for additional sanctions which will include a meeting ban.
    If video footage is deliberately withheld this will result in a Series ban.

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