Paul Cocksedge: change of car, with CMMCS again in 2021

Paul’s Peugeot for 2021

No.23 in our series on drivers with the CMMCS: Paul Cocksedge

Paul Cocksedge will be racing with the CMMCS Intermarque Silhouettes again in 2021 with his Peugeot 205 space frame silhouette No.81. He is maintenance engineer at NHS buildings and surgeries and has a sponsor for his racing, Informative Signs. He just loves all the circuits (Brands GP was a huge tick box though). “I have been a supporter of these cars for over 35 years and to be able to be out on track with people I watched and supported for so many years is just a great feeling of achievement for me and can only thank everyone involved for their support and

Paul’s Tigra in 2019 and 2020

encouragement. I had the ex Mike Thurley Tigra for the past two years and sold that to have a break but I’ve still got the bug and ended up purchasing the Lea Wood 205. Paul won the trophy for hardest trier on two separate occasions in 2019 which “was the icing on the cake”.

The #43 photo is the Peugeot 205 with Lea Wood last year of course, and will run as Paul’s #81 this year. Paul’s last year’s Tigra #81 is the photo on the left here.

Hope you go well in 2021 Paul.

Read Paul’s complete Q&A info sheet at Paul_Cocksedge_81

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