Rod Birley – such experience – still with the CMMCS in 2021

1988 Norcross Thundersaloon Car Championship 50 lap race at Brands Hatch. WATCH THE VIDEO by clicking on
Here’s some happy viewing for a wet weekend, Rod Birley’s No.4 blue and white Sierra (supported by Curtis Holt Toolbank and co-driven by Dave Brodie) on the outside of front row next to the No.11 Carlton (sponsored by Mobil). Don’t miss the mid-race glimpse of Rod’s face as his mechanic inspects the gear lever which came away in his hand. He gets going again but seems to be stuck in 4th.
Yes this is all 33 years ago. he’s been around a while, in fact racing 47 years. He was Scottish Production Saloon Car Champion in 1973. I preparing some more info on him as part of our CMMCS 2021 drivers… watch this space.


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