Scrutineering procedure with immediate effect

1. All cars called to scrutineering after qualifying or racing must proceed directly to the scrutineering area at the end of the session/race and will be at Parc Ferme status and must NOT be attended to by any team personnel unless specifically allowed to by an authorised person from CMMCS or Motorsport UK.
2. Cars must be presented and placed onto the weighbridge either under its own motive power by the driver or pushed on by a maximum of 2 authorised mechanics with the driver remaining in or with the car.
3. All Team personnel must leave the weighbridge area once the car is on the weighbridge and ready for its weight to be measured, except the driver who must remain in the car.
4. The result will be given to the Driver or authorised person together with any requisite action if applicable.
5. Should any other scrutineering action be required, the car will be directed to a designated area for this to be carried out.
6. If any part of the car has to be removed (including taken a fuel sample) then the team must provide tools to facilitate this.
7. Eligibility checks can be carried out at any time during a race meeting. This may involve an engine or any part being sealed for inspection at a later date.

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