Your club needs you!

This is a reminder that the club is a “members club”. It is here solely to provide affordable racing for the drivers who support the club. To that extent we try to keep entry fees at a reasonable amount, but bear in mind we need to have a working capital fund. This is because we have to pay for track time long before a meeting takes place. Where we can we also try and get “live stream” coverage, plus we have video highlights after each event. We are fortunate in having race reports along with photographs following every meeting.

The track time costs are considerable. As an example the cost for the Brands Hatch GP event was in excess of £15,000 this year. This together with trophies and other costs meant we needed at least 36 entries just to break even. Fortunately we had 38, so a very small profit was made. However, our Mallory Park meeting made a loss this year due to a number of circumstances. Firstly, we had to cancel one of our own races and secondly an “expected” grid failed to get materialise due to a date switch.

With the season now entering the second half, we are hoping that drivers support our remaining events. We are committed to running all the events as listed, so please get your entries in as early as possible. This gives us a better chance of getting a good slot on the timetable and helps with ordering the awards required.

The club will be organising a dinner dance with awards evening as previously. This will be in Maidstone on Saturday 20th January at The Village Hotel. Again there will be a choice of menu. More details soon.

Looking towards next year it will be helpful to know if your support will continue and how many events you might be able to do. We don’t want to book venues if only a few drivers want to go there.

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  1. Hi all, As you know the smaller circuits will be a problem for us in the Holden , thats why we only do the larger tracks We are open to doing. Snetterton , Brands always , Silverstone National or int…. if you can get those bookings… I know Thruxton Some did not enjoy and travelling away from Brands seems to be costly for a lot of our fellow competitors.

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