2021 race dates

Classic & Modern Motorsport Southern anounce on 30 November 2020 their 2021 race calendar:
April 10-11 Brands Hatch (Intermarque Silhouettes only)
April 24 Lydden (all 3 series)
May 8-9 Brands GP (Tin Tops and Super Saloons only) MSVR meeting
June 13 Mallory Park (all 3 series)
July 3-4 Brands Hatch (Intermarque Silhouettes only) American speedfest meeting
July 25 Cadwell Park (Intermarque Silhouettes, plus TT & SS invited to do CMMC Modern races)
August 7-8 Brands Hatch (TT & SS only) BRSCC meeting
August 21-22 Silverstone National (all 3 series) BARC meeting
Oct.9-10 Snetterton 300 (all 3 series) BRSCC meeting
We are still looking at another date, just in case any of the early meetings are cancelled due to Covid restrictions. Hopefully we are all set to go by April.

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