Turbo Restrictors

Turbo Restrictor Clarification:

We have received several questions regarding the installation of a restrictor to Turbo charged engines in both Tin Tops and Super Saloons. The purpose of the restrictor is to ensure Turbo cars can run in line with normally aspirated cars within the class structure offered by the CMMC.

The system has been in place for many years and regulates the engine power in line with the class entered, offering fair racing to all.

Ideally the restrictor where possible needs to be visible, which helps the scrutineer or club representative when checking its installation. The installation is mandatory for all Turbo cars.

The photos supplied are an indication of what is expected in principle as a restrictor:

Tin Top:                   38mm ID Restrictor 

Super Saloon:     50mm ID Restrictor 

We urge everyone to read the regulations and fully check your vehicle to ensure it complies with safety and technical regulations.

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