Advice from MUK on scrutineers’ and competitors’ safety

Your team at CMMCS intends to be a source of reliable information from authorities or experts, but to keep to a minimum any hearsay or rumours. As of 16th March there has been no word from the Government on motorsports; when there is, we will forward it here.

In the meantime here is an e-Mail received from Motorsport UK Technical Team:

Dear Colleague,

Please be advised of the following latest guidance provided to all Scrutineers from tonight:

It is judged that the current methods of close inspection of Competitors’ vehicles and Personal Protective Equipment may encourage the spread of virus contamination between Officials, Competitors, and other staff.

In order to reduce the potential risk, the following temporary changes are to be made to at all Motorsport UK events:

At scrutineering, all Entrants/Drivers are required to make verbal self-declarations that their Vehicle and Personal Protective Equipment complies with Motorsport UK Regulations/Event Regulations.

Personal Protective Equipment will not be closely examined by Event Officials unless the equipment is visibly defective. The Scrutineer may ask the Competitors/Entrant/Team members to display the full extent of equipment, and as a result, wherever possible no physical contact with the item or the wearer should be made by the Scrutineer. Any items identified to be causing an issue should not be confiscated, but rather should be retained by the Competitor/Entrant/Team.

No vehicle safety examinations will take place where contact with the vehicle is required, except where a safety defect is observed. Where any defect requires urgent inspection, any Event Official making contact with the vehicle should ensure that suitable protective clothing and gloves are worn. Cross contamination with other vehicles or persons is to be avoided. Where possible Competitors/Entrant/Team members should carry out any work required on the vehicle under the instructions of the Scrutineer.

These arrangements are introduced in order to restrict the amount of contact between people who may, even unknowingly, be carrying the virus.

Where there are reasonable grounds for any eligibility examination, this may take place after consideration of any risks involved, but in any event, cross contamination to other secondary vehicles or persons must be avoided.

Any person found to be contravening these self-declarations will of course be subject to current Motorsport UK sanctions.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Technical team at



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