Warren Johnson for 2021

No.3 in our series of drivers and cars racing with CMMCS.

Warren Johnson is from Pluckley near Ashford in Kent. He drives the black No.12 in class T2 of the CMMCS TinTops.

“I built my 1985 Peugeot 205 GTI in 2001 to compete in the Inter Saloon Car Championship, which I won in 2002. After that, kids & houses took-priority so the car sat in an open fronted garage for 18 years. During the winter of 2019/2020 I totally rebuilt the car & engine (it’s all diy!) 2020 was my first year back after my break, now I’m a little older I find I enjoy the racing more than ever and it’s great to share it with the family.

“The little 1600 engine gives about 175bhp, its still very “old school” running 2 x 45 DCOE carbs and a distributor. A big advantage to this car is its lack of weight: 782kg including driver.
“I was sales manager for Piper Cams from 1991-2007 and now work as a self-employed plumber.”

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